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We specialize in offering a variety of feed and pet products.

Whole Oats

Whole oats are a high-quality feed and pet food ingredient which is also great for the equine industry.  

Available in bulk, totes & 50lb. bags

Steam Rolled Flakes

Whole grain groats are first steamed, then rolled flat into flakes. Sometimes referred to as “old-fashioned” oats, rolled oats cook faster than steel-cut oats and are a great source of soluble fiber (beta glucans) along with other phytochemicals such as avenanthramides.

Available in bulk, totes & 50lb. bags

Oat Groats

Oat groats have many nutritional benefits for pets and there are many health benefits associated with oats. Oat groats are high in protein, soluble fiber, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. They also have a nutritional analysis that make it very digestible, very palatable and they are a good source of energy.

Available in bulk, totes & 50lb. bags

Oat Flour

These ground groats still have their bran layer intact, which makes whole oat flour a great source of soluble fiber (beta glucans) along with essential minerals. Oat flour is an ideal ingredient when you’re looking to add flavor, nutrition, and viscosity to a wide range of end products.

Available in bulk.

Oat Hulls

Oat hulls are high fiber, low energy, low-protein feedstuff that can be used as roughage extenders when forages are in short supply. Oat hulls are the byproducts of the oat milling process.


Available in bulk

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